About Stef Driesen Paintings and Solo Exhibitions

Stef Driesen was Born in Hasselt Belgium and as of now Lives in Antwerp Belgium,Influenced by crafted by Northern European Old Masters, Stef Driesen’s canvases frequently consolidate references to craftsmanship history through their hues, pieces, and topic. Through this genealogy, Driesen draws from his very own encounters to make wonderfully expressive canvases bringing out both passionate and physical sexiness. Utilizing his own particular sexual way of life as a stage for examination, Driesen’s work develops the topic of man and nature: each canvas disguises a human shape inside his preoccupied scenes, making an advantageous interaction between the sentimental magnificent and mortal lust.

Utilizing a meaty, hearty palette, Driesen’s canvases obscure the limits amongst unmistakable and mental space. Watery grounds, sensitive brushwork, and strengthened tones loan a feeling of dream-like landscape, making an interpretation of materiality of paint into transient fields aromatic with consideration, want, and misfortune. In their idyllic enunciation, Driesen’s artistic creations pass on the closeness of the human condition, rendering it similarly delicate and brave.



o Alison Jacques Gallery, London

o Scar Lines, Harris Lieberman, New York


o MARC FOXX, Los Angeles



o MADRe Museum, Naples, Italy


o The Third Peak, Art:Concept, Paris, France


o Michael Bauer, Cris Brodhal, Stef Driesen, MARC FOXX, Los Angeles


Stef Driesen consolidates these craftsmanship verifiable references with individual stories in what could be viewed as his very own examination sexual character. A figure is constantly present in or under the painted picture, frequently as a submerged sexual picture, and the works of art are pervaded with undercurrents of concealed want.

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