About Enrico David Paintings and Solo Exhibitions

Enrico David was conceived on 1966 Born in Ancona, Italy Currently lives and works in London.and 1990’s Fine Art learns at St. Martin’s.

Enrico David’s weavings make a camp showiness; his figures rise as organized developments, paralleling outward appearance with inward dream. In Agent, David’s hunching figure is set in monotone against mixed dark ground, making the back to front proposal of photographic negative. Inside the red trimmed shapes, a picture of a warrior shows up, reminiscent of Japanese woodcuts. Intensely sewed with thick fleece, Agent’s brawny delicate surface the two features and undermines the impression of quality and manliness, depicting a dandy of chivalrous extents.

Enrico David’s stylised figures draw upon the jubilee esque, their expound costumed appearance both celebrates and storage rooms their personality. Set a la Bond young lady against a luxurious candyfloss pink ground, Cora displays a mischievous interest related with a more sentimental and guiltless time. Through the two his subject and media, David defies the limits of sexual orientation desire: rendered through the customary ladies’ craft of embroidery, Cora’s body is suspiciously agamic, ‘her’ butterfly head spreading over in shy reference to female genitalia.



o Vernice. Sentieri della giovane pittura italiana, Villa Manin, Centrod’arte contemporanea, Passariano (UD)


o Mobile Home, London

o Dreams and Conflicts: The Dictatorship of the Viewer, La Biennale di Venezia, Venice


o The Best Book About Pessimism I Ever Read/Björn Geipel, Kunstverein Braunschweig e. V., Braunschweig


o Im Wandel der Liebe zu uns selbst und des Gesichtsinns imallgemeinen, Maschenmode Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Berlin


o Hard sweet – berlin, kuratiert von Fiona Drummond,

o galerie wieland, Berlin


Drawing is the beginning stage for the majority of Enrico David work, from the rendering of a photographic picture to a more natural, unconstrained approach. Enrico David regularly get from customary specialty procedures and configuration styles, utilizing their pre-given tenets and practical potential trying to sort out and offer structure to the frequently tumultuous nature of my passionate reaction to reality.